Roadkill Sound Dampening: Ensure only you can enjoy your audio excitement 

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When investing in a premium sound system you want the purest audio experience available and many people will invest in speakers and subwoofers but will often neglect sound dampening. This is because you want to be enveloped in your music and get lost in the cleanest music quality you’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, the real world can often ruin these incredible experiences, when road noise, the sound of passing traffic and overall environmental dissonance intercept your music. It may not even be exterior sounds that take you out of the moment, the creaking of door panels and your dashboard being vibrated by the bass can still take away from your enjoyment. But how can you solve these problems. What you need is Roadkill. 

What is Roadkill Sound Dampening?

Roadkill Sound Dampening is a specialist automotive sound insulation material that acts as a sound deadener and is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to isolate their audio system and stop panel resonance, squeaks, and rattles. Roadkill Sound Dampening offers the highest damping to weight ratio of any material on the market today and improves overall audio frequency response and bass output ensuring your audio is reflected inside the vehicle rather than leaking out to annoy the outside world. 

Roadkill Expert

To suit a variety of different install types and locations, Roadkill Sound Dampening is available in a number of different formats. The Roadkill Expert Series is our light-weight sound proofing material and features a self-adhesive backing that has demonstrated excellent adhesion to a variety of materials in various challenging environments, ensuring you never need to worry about it coming away from the panel, even in vertical and inverted applications. The Expert Series is available as sound proofing sheets and rolls of various sizes along with specialised door kits, boot kits and bonnet kits. 

Roadkill Stealth

The Roadkill Stealth Series has the same adhesion and sound deadening properties of the Expert series but is 25 percent lighter, making it especially useful in high performance applications. The Stealth Series is also black in colour making it perfect for areas where it may be seen or even on show, allowing it to blend into the background. The Stealth Series is available as a speaker kit or as a 36sq.ft roll. 

Roadkill Overkill

The Roadkill Overkill Series completely eliminates unwanted noises that diminish your audio system’s performance or make things like hands-free calls hard to hear. Overkill foam mat is a dense 1/4″ sound resistant foam that can be used for interior door panel damping, and commonly used for speaker barrier/gasket damping. It decimates high-frequency noise and eliminates annoying interior squeaks and rattles. Providing a last layer of defence against panel resonation. 

Roadkill Ultimate

The Roadkill Ultimate combines the benefits of our Expert aluminium/butyl material and Overkill acoustic foam to create the Ultimate noise killer. The combination of these two products will more than double the results than when used on their own. Reduce a massive amount of unwanted resonating noise (panel vibrations, road noise, exhaust, engine noise & vibration) allowing your audio system to sound even louder and with more clarity and definition. 

Roadkill Fast Rings

Along with the Roadkill panel sound dampening we also supply Fast Rings which solves the problem of acoustically coupling aftermarket speakers to factory speaker openings. The Roadkill Fast Rings kit increases speaker output, improves the projection of the audio into the car cabin and reduces unwanted rear reflections that can degrade the sound. The Roadkill Fast Rings are available in a number of different sizes including 5, 5.25, 6 and 6.5 inch along with 5×7, 6×8 and 6×9 inch speakers. 

We also offer a selection of installation tools and accessories to make the installation process as simple and easy as possible, these include the Roller and Knife along with the specialist contact adhesive. 

Stinger Roadkill Sound Dampening products are sold by our global network of distributors and resellers, so you are bound to find an installer near you. For more information feel free to get in touch with our team now (click here) or you can call us on +44 (0) 1384 958 500.