Stinger EU Announces Sponsorship of EMMA Benelux

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Stinger – 07th June 2024

As a leader in high-performance car audio accessories and installation products, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of EMMA Benelux, the premier platform for car audio enthusiasts and professionals in the Benelux region. This partnership underscores Stinger’s commitment to supporting the car audio community and fostering innovation within the industry.

Highlighting Leading Audio Brands

As part of this sponsorship, Stinger will showcase its renowned audio brands:

  • Stinger: Known for its high-performance car audio accessories and innovative installation products, Stinger continues to lead the market with solutions that enhance audio systems’ quality and functionality.
  • AudioControl: With a legacy spanning over four decades, AudioControl offers award-winning audio products known for their superior performance, reliability, and sound quality.
  • Phoenix Gold: A name synonymous with cutting-edge car audio technology, Phoenix Gold delivers products that provide powerful sound and exceptional clarity.

We will also use this opportunity to support our Benelux Distributor.

Benelux Distributor HiFi Focus

HiFi Focus, a dynamic and dedicated distributor, ensures that these top-tier brands reach a wide audience in the Benelux region. Founded in 2008, HiFi Focus has swiftly become the leading distributor of high-quality 12 & 24-volt audio products. Their expertise spans a variety of applications, including audio solutions for boats, cars and motorcycles

With a team boasting over 30 years of experience in the audio industry, HiFi Focus has built a robust dealer network that extends beyond the Benelux to Germany. In the Benelux region alone, they support more than 200 sales outlets and installation companies, ensuring that Stinger, AudioControl, and Phoenix Gold products are readily available to enthusiasts and professionals.